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EME Hotspots

EME Hotspots is a collection of various 'High-end Grab & Go' concepts, focusing on three elements: 

Fast - Fresh - Casual 

These concepts can be implemented in any type of space. Think of ‘high-traffic’ locations, such as city centres, stations, hotels, office areas and so on. It offers the solution for the changing consumer behaviour, in which there is an increasing need for:

  • Authenticity & locally sourced

  • Quality     

  • Hygiene & pandemic proof

  • Speed

  • Multiple eating moments 

Every unique EME Hotspot has either a funky, playful look & feel or a more elegant and minimalistic style and creates a 'buzzing' area. All concepts have a surprising branding and packaging. Open 365 days a year and guaranteed income in all circumstances (yes, even during pandemics). All products will be produced in an external kitchen, which means less square meters & no chef on location needed. More efficient staffing, kitchen & production methods. 

Follow Sam through Amsterdam

and have a sneak peak of some EME Hotspots in town.

It's morning, the sun is out and so are you.

You're sprinting to the train because you 'had to' grab a yummy Beygl and

a coffee to wake up.

Morning meetings seem boring, but not when there are cinnamon buns from Les Croissants! Bonus points for whoever picked them up today from the ground floor. I heard they deliver now too. Too easy!

Lunch time. Yeay! I crave something healthy. Let's get some Deliza.

Better be quick though. That meeting in town starts in an hour!

Time to get some fresh air and chill out for a bit. What do I see there?

Cocina Borracha. "El maíz por favor!"

Finally: dinner time with my mates! Plan is food on the boat for sunset.

Let's get some Madre pocket pizza's for them all!

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