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Felix Meritis is a monumental landmark located in the city center of Amsterdam. This former gentleman's society meant a great deal to the creative community of Amsterdam. The building underwent a massive renovation to bring Felix Meritis into the 21st century with an expansive art & culture programme and pioneering food and beverage.


Restaurant Felix is inspired by the cultural program. An experience here consists of seasonal Dutch quality products in combination with smart cooking techniques and a bold, distinct wine list. The pronounced interior is a modern interpretation of the seventeenth century. The chandeliers are contemporary frames with lighting. Also notable are the high ceiling and walls, for which no wallpaper has been used but wall covering and where the pink and blue pastel colours represent the sunset.

The team consists of sommelier Saskia Smeenk, maître Sander van Loenen Martine and chef Floris van Straalen.

Chef Floris is convinced that "The menu should move with the times and what is currently going on, but also create curiosity and surprise the guests.". That translates into two important components: you can only order a surprise menu (who is not curious about that?) and New Dutch Cuisine is the core of the menu.

EME: Concept development restaurant

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